Hostinger Email Hosting Review 2023

Published 23 September 2023 by Jarvis Silva

In this article I will share my Hostinger email hosting review so if you are confused whether to buy Hostinger email hosting then make sure you read this article till the end to get your answer.

Hostinger is well known for it's affordable web hosting solutions and it also provides email hosting. I have been using Hostinger's services for around 4 years now, so everything in this article will be based on my experience so we will first start with features.

Key features of Hostinger email hosting

  • Free email hosting with Hostinger Web hosting: when you get a web hosting plan with Hostinger along with it you get a free email hosting where you can create a professional business email for absolutely free.
  • Email Hosting as an Extension: Hostinger provides email hosting as an additional service to its web hosting offerings. This means you can easily manage both your website and email accounts in one place.
  • Budget-Friendly Email Hosting: Hostinger's email hosting plans starts at 39 rs per month which is very cheap compared to other providers but if you get their web hosting plan along with it you will free email hosting.
  • User-Friendly: Setting up email accounts and using them through Hostinger's webmail is very easy and simple, beginners can easily setup and use Hostinger email hosting. You can even setup and use Hostinger email on Outlook and Gmail.
  • Spam Protection: Hostinger typically includes built-in spam protection to filter out fraud or unwanted emails, making your inbox spam free.
  • Great Customer Support: One thing I love about Hostinger is that whenever I went with my issue with them they were there to help me they have a great customer support.

These were some key features of Hostinger's email hosting there were more but these are main ones, Now let's see some limitations of Hostinger email hosting.

Limitations of Hostinger Email Hosting

  • Limited Advanced Features: Hostinger's email hosting lacks some advanced features which are available with other providers. If your email needs are complex or specialized, this could be a drawback.
  • Integration Options: Hostinger offers limited integration options with third-party email clients and applications compared to other providers.

Hostinger email hosting plans overview

Hostinger offers 2 email hosting plans: starter and premium, below is a table highlighting it's features and pricing.

Starter planPremium plan
10 Forwarding Rules50 Forwarding Rules
50 Email Aliases50 Email Aliases
Antivirus CheckAntivirus Check
Advanced Anti-spamAdvanced Anti-spam
Cloud-Based InfrastructureCloud-Based Infrastructure
Starts @39 RS per monthStarts @79 RS per month

Who should use Hostinger email hosting?

So we have seen the key features and limitations of Hostinger email hosting now keeping that mind

  • Choose Hostinger Email If: you just want a business email with your domain which you will use just to send emails to people or recieve queries from customers in small volume. it is ideal for bloggers, portfolio, small businesses etc.
  • Do not Choose Hostinger Email If: you will be getting huge number of emails from customers or you will be sending bulk emails to many customers it can lead to performance issues. it is not ideal for big entreprises.

Make sure you know what you want from an email hosting accordingly choose Hostinger's email hosting.


We have come to the end of this review I have shared the key features and limitations of Hostinger email hosting, In my opinion Hostinger email hosting is quite good I have used it for many of blog websites and also for sending bulk message it worked for me very well.

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This was for this article I hope you found it helpful and useful, do share this article with someone who is looking for email hosting, Thank you for reading, have a nice day 😊

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