Hostinger Minecraft Server Review 2023

Published 2 October 2023 by Jarvis Silva

Looking to create a minecraft server on Hostinger but not sure if it is right choice then you are the right place in this article I will share the Hostinger minecraft server review which will help you decide if Hostinger is the right choice for you.

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game played by millions of people, In the game players can build their own worlds and experiences using 3D blocks, players host a minecraft server for better game experiences, build a community and even generate income.

I love to play minecraft and I have used Hostinger minecraft server hosting for playing minecraft with friends so everything in this review article will be based on my experience so let's start.

Hostinger Minecraft Server Plans

Hostinger minecraft server plans

As you can Hostinger offers 3 minecraft server plans their basic plan starts from 6.99$ per month to their advanced plan starting from 29.99$ per month.

Only difference you will see in this plan is Ram and vCPU and other features like mod support, root access, backups and ddos protection are included in all plans.

Their VPS creeper plan is one of the popular plan for minecraft server hosting, Choose a plan accordingly to your requirenments.

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Now let's move to the key features of Hostinger minecraft server hosting.

Key Features Of Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting

  • Ease Of Use: Hostinger minecraft hosting offers a user friendly control panel which allows one to configure and setup the server in 5 to 10 minutes making it very easy to use for beginners.
  • Performance & Reliability: Hostinger minecraft hosting provides powerful SSD servers ensuring minimal lag and smooth gameplay even during peak hours, their servers are optimized for minecraft and also they provide 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Mod and Plugin Support: Hostinger minecraft hosting provides plugin and automatic mod installers, which you can use to customize the gameplay however you want and you can also install third party mods and plugins.
  • Security: Hostinger minecraft hostinger offers DDOS protection and dedicated Ip addresses making your server secure.
  • Backups: Hostinger minecraft hosting offers automated backups so if anything happens you can always restore the most recent backup so you don't have to worry about losing your game progress.
  • Customer Support: Hostinger offers excellent customer support if you face any problems while setting up your server you can contact Hostinger and they will be quickly there to help you.

Limitations of Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting

  • Cost: Hostinger higher minecraft plans are quite expensive while there are affordable plans but lower plans can be problem if you require advanced features or high player slots and also Hostinger minecraft server renewal prices are higher then the starting purchase price.
  • Resource Limitations: There are always limitations on server resources like RAM, CPU, or storage space, which can impact your minecraft server performance if not managed properly.
  • Server Location Limitations: With Hostinger minecraft hosting plan you can choose server location in Europe: France, Lithuania, Asia: Inda, North America: USA now if player base is outside this locations can cause latency issues.

Who should use Hostinger Minecraft Hosting?

We have seen the key features and limitations of Hostinger's minecraft hosting now keeping that in mind

  • Choose Hostinger Minecraft Hosting If: you are looking for reliable and a simple minecraft hosting, It is ideal for small to medium-sized communities
  • Do not choose Hostinger Minecraft Hosting If: you are running a large scale gaming community with many players, It is not ideal for high traffic.

Ultimately choosing Hostinger Minecraft Hosting comes to one's goals and needs so choose accordingly.


This was the complete review of Hostinger Minecraft server hosting we have seen the key features and limitations so if you think Hostinger meets your needs then go with it blindly as Hostinger is very reliable and trustworthy hosting solution.

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I hope you found this article helpul and useful in making your decison on getting Hostinger minecraft hosting, do share with someone who might need it. Thank you for reading, Have a nice day 😊

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