Hostinger Business Vs Cloud Startup Plan: Which Should You Choose?

Published 12 April 2024 by Jarvis Silva

In this article we will see Hostinger's business vs cloud startup plan comparison, both of them are popular web hosting plan offered by Hostinger. So in this article I will compare both plans and tell you which plan is suitable for you.

Hostinger one of the most affordable quality web hosting, founded in Lithuania in 2004, It handles millions of users worldwide, It offers wide range of hosting plans for various use cases.

I have been using Hostinger for more then 4 years now and I have used their every plan so everything I share in this article will purely be my experience so stay till the end.

Hostinger Business & Cloud Startup Plan Comparison

FeatureBusiness PlanCloud Startup Plan
Pricing$3.99 per month$9.99 per month
Number of Websites100300
PerformanceUp to 5x increased performanceUp to 10x maximum performance
Traffic Handling100 000 Visits Monthly200 000 Visits Monthly
Dedicated IP AddressNoYes
Storage200 GB NVMe Storage200 GB NVMe Storage
Free CDNYesYes
DDOS ProtectionEnhancedEnhanced
Wordpress WoocommerceBasic WooCommerceStandard WooCommerce
Wordpress toolsBasic WordPress toolsAdvanced WordPress tools
Priority SupportNoYes
Suitable forIndividuals, bloggers, and small businessesE-commerce websites, high traffic, and high resource requirement
DiscountGet hostinger busines plan at 71% off and 3 months freeGet hostinger cloud startup plan at 60% off and 3 months free

Key Differences:

  • Pricing: Hostinger business plan pricing is cheaper then cloud startup plan.
  • Performance: In Hostinger cloud startup plan you get the maximum performance of 5x times higher then offered by the business plan.
  • Traffic Handling: Hostinger cloud startup plan can handle more traffic then the business plan.
  • Dedicated IP: With Hostinger cloud startup plan you get a dedicated IP address.
  • Tools: With Hostinger cloud startup plan you get more WooCommerce and wordpress tools.
  • Support: With Hostinger cloud startup plan you get priority support.

Which Is the Right Plan for Your Business

To choose the right hosting plan you must first evaluate your business needs, performance requirements, budget or if you want additional features like advanced ecommerce tools and wordpress tools etc.

Choose Hostinger Business Plan If:

  • You want to host a blog, personal website or a medium sized ecommerce site.
  • You are just starting out with no traffic.
  • You are tight on budget as business plan is just 3.99$ per month compared to cloud startup which is 9.99$ per month.
  • You don't need the advanced tools offered by cloud startup plan.
Try Hostinger Business Plan

Choose Hostinger Cloud Startup Plan If:

  • You want to host a large ecommerce site or other high resource requirement site.
  • You are anticipating or already recieving large amount of traffic.
  • You don't mind the cost which 9.99$ which is 5.99$ more then business plan.
  • You require the advanced tools offered by the cloud startup plan.
Try Hostinger Cloud Startup Plan


To conclude Hostinger cloud startup is a upgraded version of business plan, In my opinion if you are still confused start with Hostinger business plan and if you feel that the website require more resources, In the future you can always upgrade to cloud startup plan very easily.

The key thing is to start and Hostinger's business plan is great for individuals or businesses who are just starting out as I said you can always upgrade later on.

So this was for this article I hope you found it helpful, Do share it with someone who might need it. Thank you for reading, Have nice day 😊

About the author

I am Jarvis Silva, a tech-savvy individual. I have 5 years of experience in website hosting and development, Now sharing all my knowledge related to web hosting and other various technologies on the internet through Hostwizly.