Hostinger Vs Blogger Which Is Best For Blogging?

Published 18 September 2023 by Jarvis Silva

Want to start a blog website but confused whether to use Blogger by Google or Hostinger web hosting then don't worry in this article we will see Hostinger Vs Blogger and which is best for blogging.

Hostinger and Blogger are two different platforms, each designed to fulfill specific purposes so the choice between them depends on your needs and goals so let's compare them.

I have used both of them to host my websites and in this article everything I share is based on my personal experience.

Hostinger: Empowering Bloggers with Web Hosting

Hostinger is a paid web hosting service provider which can not only be used for blog websites but other types of websites also, Hostinger offers multiple types of web hosting plans from shared to VPS and cloud Hosting.

Why to choose Hostinger?

  • Customization: Hostinger provides high level of customization, Users can use popular CMS like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal which makes blogging very easy. You as site owner has complete control over the design and functionality of the website which is missing from blogger.
  • Great wordpress support: Hostinger provides one click wordpress installer which installs and setup's wordpress on your site in seconds so if you want to use Wordpress CMS choose Hostinger. As we know that wordpress is one the most CMS used for blogging due to it's ease of use and you cannot use wordpress in Blogger as it does not allow to install any CMS.
  • Full Control: With Hostinger you have full control over your website and hosting environment. This is great for people with technical knowledge who want to explore more advanced features and optimizations whereas in Blogger you have limited option to customise your website.

Cons of Hostinger

  • Cost: Unlike Blogger, Hostinger is not free it comes with a price tag. The cost can depend on the plans one chooses, most of the Hostinger's plans for blogging are affordable but for some without any money like students may not be suitable they can choose Blogger.
  • Some technical knowledge: Managing a blog on a web hosting like Hostinger may require some technical knowledge for example using Wordpress CMS may require some knowledge of how to properly use and optimize it for best performance whereas at blogger it is very simple everything is optimized for performance.

Blogger: Google's Free Blogging Platform

Blogger is a free blogging platform provided by Google it offers a simple and easy way to start a blog. It allows one to create a blog without any technical knowledge or a web hosting.

Why to choose Blogger?

  • Free to use: The number one reason to use Blogger platform is because it is free and you can create as many blog website without worrying to pay for a web hosting, It also provides a free subdomain on which you can create your blog. In Hostinger you need to pay to host your website.
  • Easy to setup: You can easily create and setup a blog on Blogger in seconds, You can install pre built templates in Blogger which will make your blog look good.
  • No worry of security: As Blogger is powered by Google so it comes with it's own security whereas at Hostinger you need to manage your website security.

Cons of Blogger

  • Limited Customization: Blogger provides few customization options than hosting website at Hostinger web hosting. This may limit you from fully personalizing your blog's design and functionality.
  • Ownership: Blogger is a platform for blogging by Google which means Google has full control over your blog. If you violate Google policy then they can suspend or delete your blog without warning whereas at Hostinger you have full control over your blog.

Which should you use for blogging: Hostinger or Blogger?

So we have seen the pros and cons of both the services now it all depends on your blog needs and goals. Here is one thing you need to know you can do everything on Hostinger which you can do on Blogger but you cannot do everything on Blogger which you can do on Hostinger.

As Blogger is free it will definately have some limitations now you need to see are those limitations affecting your blog goals or needs or not if not then choose Blogger if yes then use custom hosting service like Hostinger.

Another thing if you are staring a serious blog as a business and you want make money from it in the future then consider using Hostinger as you will be able to use wordpress which is the most used cms for blogging.

Also Hostinger provides one of the most affordable web hosting plans their premium web hosting starts from 2.99$ only it is a small investment you are making in your business so save some money and go with Hostinger.

If you want to start your blog with Hostinger then here is a special discount link for you: Hostinger 7% discount Link. Make sure you get the premium web hosting plan as it get's you a free domain for a year.


So to summarise in few words if you have the money go with a custom hosting like Hostinger or else start a blog on Blogger it is not like you have to buy a web hosting in the beginning you can always migrate your website from Blogger to Hostinger in the future the most important thing first is to start your journey in blogging whether it is from Hostinger or Blogger.

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I hope this article solved your confusion and now you are ready to start your blog on either Hostinger or Blogger so this was today thank you for reading, Happy Blogging 😊

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