Hostinger Vs Vercel Which Should You Use?

Published 24 July 2023 by Jarvis Silva

In this article I will share my opinion on Hostinger vs Vercel and which should you use for hosting your website, we will compare their performance, usability, pricing and more to find the perfect web hosting for your website.

So who I am and why you should listen to me, I am a a full stack web developer with 4 years of experience, I have hosted multiple types of websites on different web hostings, Hostinger and Vercel are one of the web hostings I have used for most of my websites.

Which should you use?

To answer this question Which web hosting should you use you need to first know what technology you are using to create your website are you using a cms like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal django, or frameworks like Django, Laravel or use react frameworks like next js, angular, vue etc.


Hostinger is a web hosting provider that offers a wide range of hosting services like shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting. At hostinger you can host multiple types of websites, from blogs to small and medium-sized businesses.

Great for wordpress websites: If you want to start a blog or other website using wordpress then hostinger is the web hosting you should use as it has one click installer which you can use and setup wordpress in seconds.

Mostly hostinger is used for wordpress sites as it has great support for it whereas vercel currently does not support wordpress so if you want to start a website using wordpress go with hostinger.

Can host dynamic websites: You can also host a website made using PHP or Laravel frameworks on hostinger on their shared hosting plans, You can also host django or node js made website hostinger but will require higher plans which can be costly.

Get free domain and email: With hostinger plans starting from 2.99 dollars per month you can get a free domain and email whereas at vercel you don't get free domain or email.

Flexible pricing: As hostinger provides different types of hosting services like shared, dedicated, vps etc. It has a very flexible pricing plans which one can afford very easily it has one of the most cheapest pricing plans.

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Vercel specializes in static site hosting and serverless functions, They are designed for developers and focus on providing fast and scalable hosting solutions for static websites and frontend projects, Its infrastructure is optimized for delivering static content efficiently, making it ideal for websites that do not require complex backend operations.

Great for react made websites: Vecel provides great integration for website made using react frameworks like next js, nuxt js or vue, so if you have created a website using next js then you should use vercel, it also recommended by next js itself.

You can also host website made using react js framework on hostinger like next js static website but vercel has better optimization for next js, if you want to host next js website on hostinger then follow this tutorial: Host next js website on hostinger

Ideal for Static Websites and Frontend Projects: If you are building a static website, a frontend project using modern JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue.js, etc.), or leveraging static site generators like Gatsby or Next.js, Vercel is the superior choice. It excels at delivering fast-loading, high-performance static content to users worldwide.

Developer-Centric Platform: Vercel's infrastructure and workflow are tailored to developers, providing a seamless integration with version control systems like Git and streamlined deployment processes.

Pricing: Vercel paid plans start from 20 dollars a month which is very costlier then hostinger plans which starts from 2.99 dollars a month. Vercel offers a hobby plan which is completely free of cost, with this plan you can host your website for free as long as you want.

I have used this plan to host my production website made using next js and it worked like charm, It was hosted for around 1 year it was getting around 400 to 500 daily users per day the website speed was fast and it worked great.

So if you have a website like blog made using next js or other frontend frameworks which is static does not require much power then you can literally host on vercel hobby plan for free in your initial days.

Hostinger and Vercel Comparison in Table

Hosting ServicesShared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and moreSpecializes in static site hosting and serverless functions
Ideal ForDynamic Websites, WordPress SitesStatic Websites, Frontend Projects
Technology SupportPHP, Laravel, Django, Node.js, and moreReact Frameworks (Next.js, Nuxt.js, Vue.js, etc.)
Ease of UseUser-friendly interface, one-click installer for CMS like WordPressDeveloper-centric platform, seamless integration with Git
Free Domain & EmailYes (with select plans)No
PricingFlexible and affordable plansHigher cost, free hobby plan available for static sites


So now you should know which web hosting to use, to summarise use Hostinger if you are using wordpress cms and dynamic website made using php, django or other frameworks else if your website is static or made using react frameworks like next js then use vercel.

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If you can't decide which web hosting to use then use our web hosting advisor tool, It will help you find the perfect web hosting for your business by answering some simple questions.

I hope you found this article helpful and useful do share this guide with your friends who are confused wheather to choose hostinger or vercel.

About the author

I am Jarvis Silva, a tech-savvy individual. I have 5 years of experience in website hosting and development, Now sharing all my knowledge related to web hosting and other various technologies on the internet through Hostwizly.