Hostinger Vs Vultr - Which Hosting Is Right For You?

Published 4 November 2023 by Jarvis Silva

Confused between Hostinger and Vultr web hosting then you are at the right place as in this article we will see Hostinger vs Vultr indepth comparison and I will tell you which web hosting is right for you.

I have used both of these services for hosting my websites and I have found each of them is better for some cases, so everything in this article will be purely based on my experience so let's start.

Hostinger: Affordable and Feature-Rich Hosting

Hostinger a popular web hosting provider due to its affordable web hosting plans with a lot of features. It is a web hosting company based in lithuania founded in 2004. Hostinger currently has around millions of users using their web hosting.

It has variety of plans from shared hosting, dedicated, vps and cloud hosting. People mostly use Hostinger's shared hosting plans as they are quite affordable.

Key features of Hostinger:

  • Affordability: Hostinger offers budget-friendly hosting plans suitable for individuals and small businesses.
  • Managed Hosting: At Hostinger everything is managed for you from domain configuration to site hosting you just need to click some buttons.
  • Beginner & User Friendly: Hostinger provides a easy to use Hpanel which is similar to cpanel but with better user friendly, any beginner without any technical knowledge can easily start and host their website with Hostinger.
  • Good Performance Servers: Hostinger uses LiteSpeed caching technology, which helps to load the website quickly.
  • Customer Support: Hostinger Provides 24/7 customer support, you can contact them through live chat and email. Their customer support is quite good they quickly help you solve your issues.
  • One Click Installs: Hostinger offers one-click installations for popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Hostinger provides great support for wordpress
  • Weekly backups: Hostinger provides automatic weekly backups
  • Freebies: With Hostinger's premium shared hosting plan you get a free domain for a year, free ssl, free professional email account, can host 100 websites, free ai website builder and free mysql database.


  • Resources: Hostinger Lower-tier plans have restrictions on storage and processing power.
  • Technology Support: Hostinger only supports websites made using PHP and Regular HTML, CSS & JS.
  • Advanced Features: Advanced features like staging environments are limited in basic plans of Hostinger.
  • Data Center Locations: Hostinger's data centers are not as widespread as Vultr.
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Above are the features and limitaions of Hostinger web hosting now let's see the same for Vultr cloud hosting.

Vultr: High-Performance Cloud Hosting

Vultr specializes in cloud hosting it provides scalable and high performance web hosting for resource intensive websites or apps. They are known for their reliability and flexibility. You can choose their cloud computing instances and customize it according to your requirement.

They offer variety of plans for Regular, Mid and High performance applications. They provide from low to high performance servers one can choose accordingly and scale in the future.

Key features of Vultr:

  • Developer Centric: Vultr is a great choice for developers to learn to use and deploy and cloud hosting as it is a necessary skill today. It allows developers to implement custom scripts and automate various tasks, enabling the streamlined deployment and management of applications.
  • Web Technology Support: Unlike Hostinger on Vultr you can host any website or app made using any programming language or framework.
  • Global Data Centers: Vultr has a widespread of data centers across the world.
  • SSD-Powered Servers: Vultr Uses SSD storage for faster data retrieval and improved website loading times.
  • Snapshots and Backups: Vultr allows users to create snapshots and backups of their instances.
  • API Access: Vultr offers API access for developers to integrate and automate tasks.
  • FREE 100$ Credit: Vultr offers Free 100$ Credit which you can use to setup and run your website for few days for free to get free credits use this link: Get Free 100$ Vultr Credit


  • Cost: Vultr has Higher pricing compared to shared hosting providers like Hostinger.
  • Beginner Friendly: Vultr can be overwhelming for beginners due to the complexity of cloud hosting configuration.
  • Limited Managed Services: Vultr primarily offers unmanaged hosting services, meaning users are responsible for server maintenance, security, and software updates, which may be challenging and time consuming.
  • No Freebies: As Hostinger provides many free things like domain, email, ai website builder etc. but Vultr does not provide any free things.
  • Limited Customer Support: While Vultr provides support via ticket system, the response times might vary, and some users have reported slower support compared to other hosting providers.
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Above are the features and limitaions of Vultr cloud hosting now let's see Hostinger and Vultr comparison in table.

Hostinger and Vultr Side By Side Comparison

Hosting TypeShared, Dedicated, VPS, Cloud HostingCloud Hosting
AffordabilityBudget-friendly plans suitable for individuals and small businessesHigher pricing compared to shared hosting providers like Hostinger
Managed HostingFully managed hosting with easy domain configurationPrimarily unmanaged hosting, users responsible for maintenance and updates
User-FriendlyEasy-to-use Hpanel, beginner-friendlyCan be overwhelming for beginners due to complex cloud hosting configuration
PerformanceUses LiteSpeed caching technology for quick website loadingSSD-powered servers, fast data retrieval, improved website loading times
Customer Support24/7 support via live chat and emailSupport via ticket system, variable response times, some users report slower support
One-Click InstallsYes, supports popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, DrupalNot specified, likely supports various applications and frameworks
FreebiesFree domain for a year, free SSL, free professional email, AI website builder, MySQL database hostingDoes not provide free additional services, focuses on cloud hosting features
Advanced FeaturesLimited advanced features in basic plans, such as staging environmentsCustom scripting and automation, API access for developers, allows more granular control over hosting resources
Technology SupportSupports websites made using PHP and Regular HTML, CSS & JSSupports hosting any website or app made using any programming language or framework
Data CentersServer locations in Europe, Asia, USA, and BrazilGlobal network of data centers ensuring low latency and high-speed performance
Website SecurityProvides free SSL certificates for enhanced website security and improved SEO rankingOffers basic security features; additional security configurations and tools may need to be implemented by users
Backup OptionsProvides automatic weekly backups for data protectionAllows users to create snapshots and backups, but users are responsible for managing their backup and recovery processes
Resource ScalabilityScalability limited in shared hosting plans. Higher-tier plans offer more resources.Offers scalable cloud computing instances, allowing users to customize resources based on specific requirements
Operating SystemsHostinger primarily supports websites made using PHP, Regular HTML, CSS & JSVultr allows hosting of websites or apps made using any programming language or framework, providing greater flexibility
Technical SupportOffers customer support through live chat and email, but lacks phone support.Provides support via a ticket system, response times may vary, and some users report slower support compared to others
API AccessHostinger's API access details are not specified in the provided information.Vultr provides API access for developers, allowing integration and automation of tasks, enhancing the developer experience
Control PanelHostinger uses an easy-to-use Hpanel, similar to cPanel, ensuring user-friendly navigation.Vultr's control panel is not specifically mentioned in the provided information, but it likely provides advanced customization options for experienced users.
Infrastructure TypeOffers a mix of shared and dedicated hosting along with cloud solutions.Specializes in cloud hosting services, catering to users with varying levels of technical expertise and application requirements.
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Which Hosting Provider is Right for You?

Choosing the right hosting provider depends on your goals, specific needs, budget, technical expertise, and the nature of your website or application. Let's see which should you choose accordingly

Choose Hostinger if:

  • You are on a Budget: Hostinger offers budget-friendly plans, making it a suitable choice for individuals and small businesses with limited funds.
  • Great for bloggers: Hostinger is great for bloggers as many bloggers use wordpress to create their blog and Hostinger provides great support for wordpress.
  • You Need User-Friendly Hosting: Hostinger's easy-to-use Hpanel and beginner-friendly approach make it a great option for those new to web hosting.
  • You Require Managed Hosting: Hostinger provides fully managed hosting services, taking care of domain configuration and site hosting for you.
  • You Need Freebies: Hostinger provides several freebies with its premium shared hosting plan, including a free domain for a year, free SSL, free professional email, an AI website builder, and a free MySQL database.
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Choose Vultr if:

  • You Need High-Performance Cloud Hosting: Vultr specializes in high-performance cloud hosting, making it an excellent choice for resource-intensive websites or applications.
  • You Are a Developer: Vultr is developer-centric, allowing custom scripting, automation, and API access, making it suitable for developers who need granular control over their hosting environment.
  • You Require Global Data Centers: Vultr has a widespread network of data centers across the world, ensuring low latency and high-speed performance for your users globally.
  • You Prefer SSD-Powered Servers: Vultr uses SSD storage, leading to faster data retrieval and improved website loading times, enhancing user experience.
  • You Need Scalability: Vultr offers scalable cloud computing instances, allowing you to customize resources based on specific requirements, which makes it suitable for growing websites or applications.
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In summary, choose Hostinger if you are on a budget, create a blog on wordpress or other small websites, prefer user-friendly hosting, need managed services, comprehensive support, and freebies.

On the other hand, opt for Vultr if you need high-performance cloud hosting, are a developer requiring customization, need global data centers, prefer SSD-powered servers, and require scalability for your growing online presence.

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Consider your specific requirements and preferences to determine the best hosting provider for your needs. Thank you for reading, Have a nice day 😊

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