How To Host Next JS Website On Hostinger

Last Updated 17 June 2024 by Jarvis Silva

Want to host your website made using next js on hostinger then you are at the right place in this tutorial I will show you step by step on how to host a next js website on hostinger.

Next js is a popular javascript framework based on react, website made using next js are fast compared to normal websites made using wordpress.

Hostinger is one of the most affordable web hosting solution, highly secured and easy to use, So hosting your next js website on hostinger is a good choice.

Important Note

  • Only Next.js websites which are static and are exported using the static method can be hosted on Hostinger's shared hosting.
  • If the Next.js website is dynamic and does not support static export you can host it by Purchasing a VPS hosting plan from Hostinger. Note: Hosting on a VPS is not covered in this tutorial.

In this tutorial I will only show how to host next js website on shared hosting of Hostinger so without wasting time let's start.

1. Create a static export of next js website

So first we need to export our next js website into a static html website so inorder to do this go to your next.config.js file and add output:"export", It should be look like this:

/** @type {import('next').NextConfig} */
const nextConfig = {
  output: "export",
  // more

module.exports = nextConfig;

This is currently how we create a static export in next js 13 this way might change in the future but you can always go to the Next js docs to see how it is done.

Now we are ready to export our website so to do that open a terminal at your next js website folder and run the below command:

npm run build

After running the command it will start building your web pages and after finishing it will create a folder named out in your directory in that it will have your static html pages, It would look like this:

Static out folder in next js

Now we just need to put the files from the out folder on hostinger so let's do that.

2. Setting up hostinger and domain

In this step we will see how to setup hostinger hosting and domain if you already have hostinger account and a domain then you can skip this and go to the next step.

1. Sign up for a Hostinger Account

For hosting this static next js website you can start with a shared hosting, Hostinger has single, premium and business shared hosting, I would suggest you go with the premium as it is price worthy it gets you a free domain, a email and can host multiple websites.

Complete the registration process by providing the necessary details and selecting a payment method.

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2. Configure Domain Settings

Once you have successfully created your Hostinger account, log in to the control panel and under the Domains section, click on "Add Domain." Here, you have two options: register a new domain or use an existing one.

Register a New Domain

With hostinger premium shared hosting you can register a free domain and you don't have do any domain configuration if you register domain with hostinger.

Or use an Existing Domain

If you already have a domain then you can use that domain to host your website and add your domain to hostinger now you will need to update the domain's nameservers to point to Hostinger.

To update your nameservers follow this guide: Setup domain in hostinger or contact hostinger support for help if you are facing problems with domain configuration.

3. Upload exported next js files to hostinger

Now for the final step we have to upload the exported next js files from the out folder which we did in the first step to the hostinger server.

Now go to your hostinger panel and click on the File manager button.

Hostinger panel

It will open up your file manager where you can upload your website files on the hostinger server, your file manager when opened will look something like this:

Hostinger file manager

Now open the public_html folder and drag and drop all the files from the next js out folder which we exported earlier inside the public_html folder, below is an example:

Hostinger out folder contents in file manager

Make sure you only put the files from the out folder that was statically exported in next js, congratulations now you can visit your website at your domain.

So this was the complete tutorial on hosting next js website on the hostinger shared hosting I hope you were able to host your website successfully and do share this guide with someone who might need it.

If you face any issues while hosting or any domain related issues you can contact us we will assure to help you, Thank you for reading have a nice day.

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