How to uninstall wordpress in hostinger

Published 21 August 2023 by Jarvis Silva

Have a website hosted at Hostinger and want to delete wordpress installation from your website then this article is for you as in this tutorial I will show you how to uninstall wordpress in Hostinger web hosting.

Uninstalling wordpress is mostly done when you mess up your wordpress site or you just don't want wordpress anymore, I will show you very simple and straightforward process that will uninstall wordpress from your site so let's see how to do it.

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1. Backup your site

It is always recommended to take a backup of your entire website before deleting it or making a big change as you might need it in the future and you can use the backup and restore your website at any point in time.

You can easily create a complete backup of your website and database in Hostinger itself you just need to go to hpanel of your website and go to files under it there would be backups option click on it then it will open backups page like below:

Hostinger backups page

Click on generate new backup it will create a entire backup of your website and database which you can use later to restore this is just a safety precaution we should take so now let's uninstall wordpress.

2. Uninstalling wordpress

Now let's uninstall wordpress to do it we have 2 ways one we can uninstall from Hostinger autoinstaller easy way or we can manually delete database and entire files from the file manager, I will show you both ways.

1. Uninstalling wordpress using autoinstaller

So to uninstall wordpress via autoinstaller go to your Hostinger panel of your website and go to Website section and click on Auto Installer it will display your wordpress installations.

Hostinger autoinstaller page

Now click on the 3 dots button on the wordpress installation you want to uninstall it will show 3 options manage, details and delete, click on delete and it will again show you some options select all the options: delete installations and delete database and again hit delete this will completely remove wordpress.

2. Uninstalling wordpress manually

Now if you want to want to manually uninstall wordpress then you can do it via file manager so go to Hostinger panel of your website and go to files section and click on file manager it will look like below

Hostinger filemanager pageHostinger filemanager

Now click on access files of your website and it will open the file manager of your website.

Now before you go and delete all your files, In your filemanager inside public_html look for file called wp-config.php and open it there you would see a line like this define( 'DB_NAME', 'name of your database' );

Hostinger wp config file

Make sure you note the database name or else you can take a screenshot as we will need the name for deleting the database later.

Okay now Go inside public_html folder and select all the files all the files and hit delete, this will delete all your files of your website.

Deleting the database

Now we have removed wordpress installation now we just need to delete the database so to do that go back Hostinger panel and go to databases and click on management it will show your databases:

Hostinger wp config file

Now click on the 3 dots button beside the database and hit delete this will delete your database now if you have multiple databases then look at the name of the database I told you to remember from the wp-config file and only delete that.

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This will completely uninstall wordpress from your website at Hostinger, So this was for this tutorial I hope you found it helpful and you were successfully able to uninstall wordpress on Hostinger thanks for reading have a nice day :)

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