How To Setup Hostinger Email On Outlook

Published 27 November 2023 by Jarvis Silva

If you have a professional business email at Hostinger but you want to able to send and recieve mails from microsoft outlook then you are at the right place, In this tutorial I will show you how to setup Hostinger email in Outlook.

Outlook is a email application by Microsoft. It is a part of Microsoft office suite of productivity software. It provides tools to manage task, emails, calendars, contacts and more.

So using outlook for managing your business emails is a great option. To setup custom email in Outlook it is not a straightforward process so let's see how to setup step by step.

Note: Before proceeding you need to have a custom email purchased from Hostinger and I will be using the latest Outlook For Windows App from Microsoft store.

1. Gather Your Email Settings From Hostinger

  • Login to your Hostinger account, go to the emails section, click on manage of the email which you will add to Outlook.
  • It will open your email account dashboard, in the left sidebar you will see Connect Apps & Devices Option click on it and it will open the below page.
  • Hostinger email connection settings

Note the Outgoing Server(SMTP) and Incoming Server(IMAP) Hostname and Port as we need them later to put in Outlook. You will also require the password which you use to login to your Hostinger webmail.

2. Adding Hostinger Email To Outlook

As I have said earlier I will be using the windows outlook app to add a custom email so make sure you install it from MS Store if you don't have it. So let's see how to add Hostinger email in it.

  • If you already have the Outlook windows app with a existing email account then to add a new email account, In the menu click on View, It will display View Settings option click on it, It will open settings, In the settings sidebar click on Accounts, select email accounts and click on add account.
  • If you don't have an existing outlook account and you have just downloaded the outlook for windows app then in the starting only it will ask you to add a email account.
  • So enter the hostinger email you want to add to outlook and click on Advanced setup.
  • Outlook add hostinger email step 1
  • Next it will ask you to choose your email provider, select IMAP.
  • Outlook add hostinger email step 2
  • Now it will display a form to fill the IMAP & SMTP details of your email host, As our email host is Hostinger we need to enter the IMAP & SMTP Details of Hostinger. If you remember in the first step I showed how to get this details and told you to take a note of it.
    • In the IMAP password enter the password you use to login in to your Hostinger webmail, Make sure show more is ticked.
    • In the IMAP incoming server enter: with port 993and Select Connection type: SSL/TLS.
    • Enter your email as SMTP username, SMTP password same as your Hostinger webmail and Connection type: SSL/TLS. After filling all details click on continue.
  • Outlook add hostinger email step 3
    Outlook add hostinger email step 4
  • Now it will ask you to sync your IMAP Account make sure you click on continue.
  • Outlook add hostinger email step 5
  • and this will add your Hostinger email account to Outlook.
  • successfully added hostinger email to outlook

You can now send and recieve your business emails directly from Outlook no need to login to Hostinger webmail everytime to check your business emails.

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So this was for this tutorial, I hope you found it helpful and were successfully able to add your Hostinger email account to Microsoft Outlook. Do share this article with someone who is looking to do it and Thanks for reading, Have a nice day 😊

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