Is hostinger good for buying domain?

Published 2 September 2023 by Jarvis Silva

Hostinger is a web hosting company which provides hosting services for websites, you can also get domains from Hostinger now many people ask the question Is Hostinger good for domain? and in this article I will answer that question.


Whenever you buy something from someone you make sure the person you are getting it from is reputable and trustworthy that is the same case when buying a domain you should buy from a reputable domain provider.

Hostinger is popular for it's affordable web hosting services and it has more then million of websites hosted and I my self has used Hostinger and I found it reliable and great.

Now the thing is if we can trust our website with Hostinger why not domain as Hostinger is also a reputable company.

ICANN Acrreditation

Hostinger is an accredited domain registrar, and the domain names registered through Hostinger fall under the jurisdiction and oversight of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

ICANN regulates domain registrars (companies like GoDaddy, Namecheap, or Hostinger) to ensure they follow these rules when registering and managing domain names.

Hostinger Vs Godaddy

Mostly when it comes to buying domains first place we go and check is Godaddy as it is popular and reputable domain provider.

When it comes to choosing Hostinger or Godaddy for domains it comes to one's preference if you bought a web hosting from Hostinger you get a free domain for a year so it would be wise to choose Hostinger for your domain that time.

My advice is that get a domain from where you can find the most less price either Hostinger or Godaddy. Because later you can always easily transfer your domains from one domain provider to another.

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As both of the companies are reputable and trustworthy so get a domain wherever you find it for less price and connect it to your web hosting and use.

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Where are my domains hosted?

I have multiple websites on multiple web hosting including Hostinger, I had a domain at Hostinger but later I transferred it to Godaddy as all my other domains were at Godaddy the reason is simple I like to keep all my domains at Godaddy which makes it easy for me to manage them.

It is my personal preference to keep all my domains at one place and also you can keep your domains at Hostinger if all your websites are hosted at Hostinger it will make it easier for you to manage everything at one place as I have said it is one's personal preference.


So Is Hostinger good for buying a domain? the answer is yes Hostinger is reputable company which is there since 2004 and it's domains are regulated by ICANN which makes it trustworthy to buy domain.

Now at Hostinger you can get a free domain for a year with their web hosting plans, also get a free mail server to claim it use this Discount link and get yourself a web hosting and a free domain.

So this was for this article I hope you found it helpful and answered your question. Thank you for reading, Have a nice day 😊

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