How To Set A Cron Job In Hostinger

Published 14 November 2023 by Jarvis Silva

A cron job is a scheduled task or automated job on Unix-like operating systems it is used to execute scripts or commands at specific time so if you are looking on how to setup a cron job in Hostinger then read this article till the end.

Hostinger provides a user friendly interface to setup a cron job so follow the below steps to successfully set cron in Hostinger:

  • Login to Hostinger account and go to your website dashboard.
  • In the left sidebar of your dashboard you will see a lot of options in the end of the sidebar there will advanced option, click on it and under that you will see Cron Jobs click on that.
  • Hostinger cron job option in dashboardHostinger cron job page
  • Now it will open a page where you can create a cron job you need to fill the following fields:
    • Type: Select PHP if you want to run a php file or custom if you want to run files with different extensions or commands.
    • Command to run: In here you need to specify the path of the file you want to execute.
    • When to run: Now you need to schedule the script when to run like every hour or every 30 minutes or you can choose from common options. You can create cron job expression using this cron job expression generator tool.
  • After setting the time to execute the cron job you can click on save and your new cron job will be created. You will see all your cron jobs listed in the same page.

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This was everything required for setting up a cron job at Hostinger, I hope you found this article helpful and now you how to create a cron job in Hostinger. Thank you for reading, Have a nice day 😊

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