How to add hostinger domain to netlify

Published 1 September 2023 by Jarvis Silva

Have a domain at Hostinger want to connect it to your website hosted at Netlify then you are the right place in this tutorial I will show you how to add Hostinger domain to Netlify.

This is a very easy to do process I will show you step by step on how to connect your domain purchased from Hostinger to your Netlify website so let's start.

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1. Add Domain To Netlify

  • Login to your netlify account and go to site configuration page and under that there would a domain management option click on it and then click on domains it will open a page like below.
  • Netlify domain settings page
  • As you can see it displays a add domain button click on it, now it will prompt you to enter your domain so enter your domain name and hit verify, It will tell you domain is already registered it means that it is registered with another domain provider so click on add domain button.
  • Next it will display the dns record that it will add to your domain DNS so click on continue.
  • Now it will display a list of nameservers which you need to replace at your domain provider which is Hostinger so keep this page open because we will require this nameservers later.
  • Netlify nameservers

Okay now our work at netlify is done now let's add the nameservers in Hostinger.

2. Add Netlify nameservers to domain at Hostinger

  • Login to your Hostinger panel and go to domains sections.
  • Select the domain you added in your netlify website earlier after that it will open your domain settings page shown like below, on that page click on DNS/Nameservers.
  • Hostinger domain nameservers
  • You will see a button to change nameservers click on it and now here you need to add all the 4 netlify nameservers which I told you to keep open, after entering all the nameservers click save.

This will configure your domain to your netlify website, now you can visit your domain and you should see your website showing up, If it is not showing up then wait for some time because it can take some time to fully propogate the DNS.

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So this was it we successfully connected our Hostinger domain to our netlify website, I hope you were able to follow along and make your netlify website live thank you for reading, Have a nice day 😊

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